A. 6 Core Modules Each module involves 36 h courses

* Modern molecular synthesis and Natural products
* catalysis for fine chemistry
* Advanced Organometallics and spectroscopy
* Polymers and dendrimers
* Green chemistry, Industrial chemistry and New technologies for catalysis
* New molecular and macromolecular materials

B. Professional and Cultural Cross-discipline Courses

* Intensive French language (120 hours)
* Insights in the French and European History, Culture and Geo-economics
* Bibliographic and scientific survey

C. Master Thesis

* A 24-month research project (shared out over the 2 years) culminating in a master thesis in one of the molecular chemistry groups belonging to internationally recognized CNRS laboratories at the University of Rennes 1.
* The Master thesis will be conducted under the supervision of a permanent researcher habilitated to direct research (HDR) and is aimed at being published in international journals

Miao Xiaowei in the lab

Ripu Daman Marwaha operating NMR

Aditya Gottumukkala operating G.C.


Zhao Gang with the glove box


UV-VIS Spectroscopy room


Shen Wenting in the lab

Qi Wang in the lab


Dante Castillo in the lab


Chromatrography room





2005 Master students